Interchange – Spring 2009

Young Friends at Valley Meeting have contributed much to the life of the meeting over the past several months. With the help of an experienced quilter they have completed three care quilts to be given to welcome new babies and for those who are experiencing illness or otherwise in need of our support. As an intergenerational activity they interviewed senior members of the meeting on their life experiences. Their thoughtful questions provided all of us with delightful insights into the early lives of these Friends. Adults were invited to join young Friends when they participated in the bowlathon for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. The older young folk are discussing and practicing techniques that can be used to enhance settling into Meeting for Worship. Two of their group are looking forward to attending Quaker camp this summer.

The Meeting has agreed to help sponsor two people from Kenya to Eastern Mennonite University’s Summer Peace Building program this summer. Recognizing that each of us is involved with social action in our community and wanting to be supportive of each other in what we already do, as well as identifying and trying to meet additional needs, we are looking at developing a “Qtee has reviewed Meeting’s many deliberations around this issue since 1987. They have prepared an explanatory history and four minutes that Meeting is now considering. These minutes relate to welcome, marriage, advocacy and how shall we relate to organizations that discriminate against LGBT persons. Valley Friends are happy to welcome into membership three faithful supporters of our meeting Eliza Hoover, Doris Martin and Patrick Lincoln.uaker House” as the service arm of the Meeting. We continue to labor with the issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender concerns. An ad-hoc commit

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